The development process brings together a number of diverse professionals: bankers, brokers, architects, engineers, etc.  Developers themselves come from a number of different disciplines, and also work with a number of these same professionals along the way.   But, how does one actually get started?

Developers typically have an entrepreneurial nature and know how to sense opportunities for specific projects. Successful developers know how to manage risk and navigate through the whole development process. They know how to build a team professionals for each project and when to start thinking about putting together sources of capital and pre-marketing the project.  They know how to determine if a project is feasible.

Make plans to join MEREDA for breakfast on December 5 at the Portland Regency Hotel from 7:30 – 9:00 AM as a developer, a banker, and an architect walk through the typical process of a development timetable. 

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This MEREDA “Morning Menu” Breakfast Event is Sponsored by People’s United Bank.