MEREDA’s Committees

MEREDA’s committees are comprised of MEREDA members who generously volunteer their time and expertise on various issues.

Public Policy Committee – Meets bi-weekly during legislative sessions. This committee reviews pending bills and regulations, identifying those of interest to our members, and works to ensure the real estate industry’s concerns are considered. The committee labors to influence and shape the final form of proposed laws and regulations, and initiates new ones when circumstances warrant.

Conference & Seminar Committee – Meets monthly to develop ideas for upcoming conferences, seminars, and social events, suggesting possible topics, guest speakers, formats, venues, and so on.

Membership & Marketing Committee – Meets monthly to review membership statistics and trends, develops ways to retain current and recruit new members, looks for ways to further enhance the effectiveness of MEREDA’s publications and other communications media and entertains ideas for new products and services that could be offered to the membership.

DevelopME Committee – Meets monthly and provides professional development opportunities for MEREDA’s emerging leaders.

The Local Issues Committee meets up to six-times per year to monitor and timely engage on local land use and development matters.

Feel free to contact any of our committee chairs or sit in on any meeting to get a better feel for what each one entails. You can always change your mind too! (Visit the Calendar of Events for committee meeting dates.)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]